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Would you like to have a view from above of what your life looks like here on earth? Then why not find out today from your forecasting expert Reverend Charlene Hicks. From the White House to forecasting for Fortune 500 Companies for over forty years, Rev. Hicks has helped thousands with her accurate readings in person and by phone.



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A session with Rev. Charlene Hicks inspires you and takes you out of the normal everyday life and gives you a view into your future. She opens your vision to the latent potential through the astrological aspects of your life found in your birth chart. Rev. Hicks confirms your potential and describes people you know in spirit and those who you have not met yet and how they will arrive in your life. She makes you realize areas of your life that you may have never considered possible to be possible and how to achieve it. 90% of her clients receive and achieve major positive changes within six weeks of their session.

Your Most Important Day!


Watch and listen how Reverend Charlene Hicks tells you what the most imortant day in your life is, and how this knowlege may effect you!

Nova Scotia Shooting

In October of 1993, she received a phone call from radio announcer Barry MacKinnon of CJCB Am Radio in Sydney, Nova Scotia of a drive by shooting of four teenagers shot in the head at MacDonald’s for $250.00 and wanted to know if Reverend Hicks could identify the killer?


She responded by saying that one of the teenagers had blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and was nineteen the shot went clear through but she would survive and be in a coma for three months. She said the girl will be able to testify who shot them but will be paralyzed when she regains consciousness. She further stated the man was not from there.


Two hours later Barry MacKinnon called her back to say a girl with blonde hair in a ponytail was rushed to the hospital. She survived and when she awoke from the coma three months later was able to testify but was never able to walk again.

Georgia Happenings

More Stories

  • In 2013, she was contacted by Property Virgins of HGTV to do a reading for a woman with haunted house issues on her new home.
  • On March 10, 2011 she predicted the tsunami to hit Japan live on Fox Files News in Macon, Georgia just hours before.
  • She has worked on numerous missing and murder cases and was contacted by A&E's Psychic Investigators about her work on locating Julie Loves body with the GBI in 1989.

She helped the Stockbridge Fire Department locate a man’s body in Lake Spivey in 2004 when seven divers diving for fourteen consecutive days could not.


From being known as the "Psychic of Dunwoody” in 2001 in Points North Magazine called:" "The Ghosts of Dunwoody “where she accurately describes the former residents of the seventh most haunted house in Georgia to "DeKalb County Buys House in Ghostly Condition" in the AJC on February 26, 2006




So why wait? find out for yourself today what tomorrow holds for you.


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